Augmented Reality Art

Enhance Your Art


I spent 17 years in the music industry. I always had an admiration for art and anyone who created something beautiful. I just can’t get enough of technology and gadgets.

Combining my passions was the perfect fit for me.


A simple conversation about voice patterns in 2012. That’s how our parent company (Soundwave Art™) was born.

Growing and stronger than ever….


Once Soundwave Art™ perfected its original concept of creating art form sound, expanding into jewelry made perfect sense. Selling products all over the globe, partnering with the best manufactures and working with some of the worlds largest brands, it was time to expand.

Soundwave Media™ was the answer to “how can we listen to the art?” We always wanted a way to play the artwork. Let our customers not only create a unique piece of art but give them a really cool way to listen to it. The easy solution would have been QR codes, but those are ugly and would take away from your art. Our answer was Image Recognition and Augmented Reality.

We launched the Soundwave Art™ mobile app in the summer of 2017. By merging the digital and physical world we are able to bring your photos to life!